Savory Flavors, LLC is a Christian, family owned and operated company based in Bluefield, Virginia, offering what many folks say is the best “smokin’ hot, smokin’ good” barbecue you’ll find in our neck of the woods. Indulgent self-praise? Ask our customers, many of whom we see numerous times in a single week.

Some local companies will serve you barbecue made in a crock pot or on a conventional grill with a few wood chips thrown on the fire – we do ours right with at least 12 hours of slow, hickory smoked cooking in our custom smoker.

Savory Flavors began as a part-time catering business in our back yard. We operated in that fashion for several years before the opportunity arose to purchase a local landmark eatery after it closed – the regionally famous Cotton’s Drive In. After many months of hard work, we opened the doors to our beautifully remodeled and modernized restaurant in June, 2014.

Out of respect for the previous establishment, which had served thousands of hungry customers for literally generations, we kept the original Cotton’s sign over the front door. It’s a nod to our building’s history, and a great touch of nostalgia for many of our patrons.

We would love for you to pay us a visit if you haven’t already. All food is prepared onsite every day, and our sauces, dry rubs, desserts and other items are all made right here. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than seeing the look of utter joy on a person’s face when they try our offerings for the very first time.